Hello Saudi Arabia!!!


WPAI Saudi Arabia is here to welcome you to a new world of photography and photography-related events in Saudi Arabia!!!


WPAI Saudi Arabia is honoured to extend their reach to the holy land of Saudi Arabia, a country that is famous across the world for spirituality, devotion, hospitality, rich natural resources, and cultural heritage. The photographers of Saudi Arabia have recently come up with beautiful photographs of the country’s cultural, religious and tourist destinations and those have achieved fame and recognition in different international circuits and salons. We appreciate this emerging passion of the photographers here and we wish to collaborate with them in order to bring more exposure to their arts. 


WPAI Saudi Arabia started its journey in August 2022 to celebrate the legacy of Saudi Arabian arts, culture, landscape and heritages through the lens of photographers. WPAI Saudi Arabia aims at collaborating with the photographers and photography clubs in Saudi Arabia to receive affiliation and organise different photography-related events like international, circuits, salons, photo-walk, seminars, and online events. We also wish to help the photographers here to integrate their photographic ideas into scholarly articles. 


WPAI Saudi Arabia wishes the photographers in Saudi Arabia a rewarding photography career with more exposure, achievements, and recognition!!!


Thanking you